Kernel works with you to translate your entity's vision and strategy into an effective enterprise design.

Kernel provides a full range of design services. We create, communicate and improve key requirements, principles and models that determine your entity's future state and enables its evolution. We are well versed in offering solutions that fit the business not the other way around. You already have technology let us help you get a real ROI on parts that are no t fully utilised.

We deliver architecture solutions for all types of organisations, based on ITIL, MOF and Agile frameworks. Kernel focuses on both its client's current needs and addresses future or end-state architecture adaptations and improvements. We work with an emphasis of a long term partnership and achieving your goals through us understanding your pain points and business needs.

Our forward-thinking and holistic approach means that Kernel is able to design and implement your project from inception to completion. We pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions within tight deadlines, and we have no issue with delivering solutions in stages over a period of months or years. Kernel always provides you with documented solutions to assist and inform your operations team.

Kernel can facilitate workshops with your entity to assess your requirements, and works with you to develop and provide your entity with a tailored and effective endpoint enterprise design. 

Kernel recently completed a large network design for a core government department, which (following a security audit) required significant changes to its network infrastructure to fully utilise and segment their network. We implemented a solution that did not change the hardware used by the department but simply utilised the capabilities of that hardware in a more efficient and effective manner. At the business level, this resulted in a material increase to the speed of the department's network, with minimal downtime and disruption.

Kernel regularly provides a second opinion on enterprise designs, which have been recommended to clients from in-house or external providers. In doing so Kernel assists you to make the best decision about what is the most effective design solution for your entity within your budgetary and timing needs. As Kernel does not sell software or hardware we are not biased in any of our recommendations in that regard. We are often recommended by third parties due to the independent nature of our advice.